I sometimes wonder if I’m a dying breed. You see, I’m one of those people who will always sign up for your email if I like your post. Why? Because email is a push medium. If I sign up to your twitter, I have to keep an eye for your posts. I gave up on RSS years before Google shut Google reader down. Even Facebook is problematic given that they prioritise posts. Send me a weekly or monthly newsletter and I’ll use it to see what’s on your site. (OK, not always: there are a few ‘received and unread’ posts, though you have to be really irritating for me to unsubscribe).

There’s a lot to be said about ’email first’ startups, and similarly, there are some of us that use it as it was originally described: ‘mail’. I’ve never subscribed to a paid newspaper (apparently my mother said getting rid of the newspaper subscription was one of the things she was sad to give up when she gave up her job in the late 80s to stay at home, and as a result I’ve never had that experience of sitting at the table with a parent reading the morning paper) but I do use my email in exactly that way.

Granted, some of you will get automatically filtered as read and sent to a folder that I dip into when I’m free (called ‘Alert’, more than anything so it’s at the top of my email filters) but it’s there. New York Times, Irish Times, The Guardian, NZ Herald… and that’s just the mainstream ones! For all these people that talk about unsubscribe functions, I shudder a little. Give me the information you’re spreading. I’m listening.

Vicky Teinaki is a Kiwi designer and researcher based in Newcastle upon Tyne. For more about her work, go to her official site vickyteinaki.com.